The Santa Ana Youth Media Project (SAYMP) was born and developed within the summer of 2019.


The project grew from a need, expressed by youth, for more critical media literacy that could further amplify youth voice, and youth story within their urban context. The SAYMP began to develop and strategize a very intentional collaboration between Chapman University, local youth, and the university's surrounding community. The project came together to create a critical media platform and resource where critical media literacy and youth narratives can be centered. The Santa Ana Youth Media Project website acts as the cornerstone and houses all of the SAYMP initiatives and projects. Read below for further information regarding the project.


To initiate a research and media project by youth, for youth, where stories, narratives, and oral histories are being documented given the social, economic and political context within the city of Santa Ana and its larger Orange County Context. We would like to collect and document stories using tools such as, narrative inquiry, Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) and video production to visually capture the narratives of youth. We will be producing short documentaries / media productions that can be displayed on multimedia platforms, such as social media and a website dedicated to amplifying youth voices within the city. We will be focusing on narratives that reflect how youth navigate their personal, familial, cultural, economic, educational, and political environments.


To produce a youth media advocacy project consisting of a mix of Santa Ana students, Chapman University students, and Community members, interested in documenting and amplifying youth voices within the city of Santa Ana. We will be developing a media platform where youth tell their own stories and advocate for their community using video and other media. The application of media is intended to amplify youth context as experienced by youth, their family, and community.


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