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IES 295 Education Fieldwork: Critical Media Literacy and the Santa Ana Youth Media Project

Taught by Our Founder, Dr. Jorge Rodriguez

Critical Media Literacy and The Santa Ana Youth Media Project is a course created in collaboration with the renowned Educational Video Center in New York. The course is centered experientially within the lens of Critical Media Literacy. The course collaborates with a Chapman and community based program called the Santa Ana Youth Media Project. The Project focuses on documenting local youth stories and narratives as they amplify youth self-determination and community expression. The course situates Critical Media Literacy as a central tool whereby students at Chapman in collaboration with local community youth can both critically interpret media messaging as well as document youth context. The course will have some classes outside of the Chapman Campus at the Education Collaborative @ Centennial, a community based exchange between Chapman University, The School of Continuing Education, Santa Ana College, and local High School/ community based partners.

  • Evaluation will be based upon the successful completion of service hours, attendance and participation in seminars, and the completion of all written/creative assignments.

  • Fieldwork service experiences will include approximately 25 fieldwork site contact hours at five field site projects.

  • Each student will maintain a weekly notebook to include assignments and activities, observations, reflections, reports, and other critical information.

  • Students as a class, together with the instructor, will travel to 5 school sites/community spaces for observations, and fieldwork interviews. Written field observations will address observations in a variety of subject content areas.

  • Each student will complete an oral presentation based on their fieldwork experiences.

  • Students will complete all reading and writing assignments for homework and in class.

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